Driving With Care


The Driving With Care program focuses on the attitudes and beliefs that can lead to driving while being under the influence, relapse prevention and awareness of thinking.

Driving With Care Level 1

This is a 6-session, 12-hour DWI education program for first-time offenders with no prior history of substance use.  The focus of this program is to prevent recidivism into DWI behavior and prevent future substance-related offenses.

Driving With Care Level 2

This is a 12-session, 24-hour education program for repeat offenders convicted of driving with a blood alcohol level beyond the legal limit and/or while under the influence of another drug. The program is built on the philosophy that people can change their actions by changing how they think. This program will give participants the knowledge and skills needed to change their thought process so they may change their actions and prevent future DWI’s/DUI’s.

Driving With Care Level 2 Therapy

This is a 21-session, 42-hour program including 10 manual-guided therapy projects. Level II Therapy assists in developing and implementing individualized treatment plans. It is designed for clients with higher levels of AOD (Alcohol and Other Drugs) disruption and psychosocial problems who are in need of treatment and intervention over longer periods of time. The program builds on the core concepts and ideas of DWC Education with a more intensive and therapeutic approach.

Mental Health

Pangea Care can help with getting you on track to a state of well-being through awareness of daily stresses.

Chemical Health

Pangea Care can help with preventing relapse by guiding and supporting you through the journey.



COMING SOON  Services to enable clients to develop and enhance abilities impaired by the symptoms of mental illness.