Throughout my career as a therapist I have worked with high-risk youth and adults involved in the criminal justice system, individuals struggling with substance abuse and severe persistent mental illness and couples or families with relational issues. I am a trained alcohol and drug counselor who provides chemical dependency evaluations such as Rule 25 Assessments. I value the importance of partnering with community members and stakeholders to develop programs that are culturally-specific and meet the needs of underserved populations. It is my goal to work with individuals such as yourself and I look forward to connecting with you

My approach to therapy stems from psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral therapies. This means I help guide individuals to uncover cognitive distortions from the conscious and unconscious mind that need restructuring to shape a person’s perception of self and outside events.
In addition to my love for clinical work, I am very passionate about teaching. I am a community faculty member at the University of Minnesota where I teach Diversity Counseling in the Integrated Behavioral Health Program.